Restaurant project
Commercial Studio I

I was given a building background plan as a starting point. The purpose of the restaurant was to provide a meeting enviromnent, as in a place to entertain friends and business associates, and a dining place of interesting and sophisticated fare. Some of the areas had a specific required dimension, or parameter they had to fit in. The space was required to show ADA compliance and follow IBC guidelines.

Design statement:
“The food industry has expanded its horizons
with new technology and innovative food  crafting techniques. It has blurred ever more the line between food and entertainment through new tools and devices. With the use of projection mapping technology, and cutting-edge lighting systems, we are going to create unforgettable futuristic experiences. Welcome to “FOOD”, the future where technology, chemistry and hospitality combine. Integrating glass, solid surfaces, and acrylic with state-of-the-art LED panel and lighting systems to create a unique environment. An unforgettable experience for the palate as well, through cryogenic cooking, to bring innovation to flavors and textures.”